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Kozier & ERB’s Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition PDF Free Download with google drive direct link. Consistency and access to the basic principles of nursing are essential for student success. With its clear, accessible, written style, the core principles of Kozier & Arab are the foundation of nursing excellence. Coverage of key concepts of modern nursing, as well as the latest evidence, standards and qualifications in nursing help, prepare readers to become effective nurses. To help students develop their clinical reasoning skills, the new QSEN features connect to actual nursing practice. All the basic and basic skills for a registered nurse are defined in the nursing process. Students will learn to think like nurses because they see how the material they are reading is used in nursing practice. Nursing is essential as surgical instruments and equipment are essential for operation similar role of nursing has great importance in the medical field.

Nurses must grow and prepare today to meet the demands of a dramatically changing healthcare system. They need skills in science, technology, communication, and relationships to become effective members of a collaborative healthcare team. They need to think critically and be creative in implementing nursing strategies to rapidly provide safe and affordable nursing care to clients from different cultural backgrounds in different settings. They need skills in teaching, mentoring, management and change.

They need to be prepared for home and community-based nursing care. They need to understand legal and ethical principles, complete healing methods and complementary therapies. And, they need to continue their unique client advocacy role, which requires a combination of nurturing, sensitivity, care, empathy, commitment and expertise based on a broad knowledge base.

Table of Contents

What is New in 10th Edition?

Now we talk about what is new in Kozier & ERB’s Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition PDF ebook. The delivery of high quality and safe nursing practice is essential for every nurse. QSEN skills were developed to bridge the gap between nursing education and practice. There are expectations for all six QSEN skills and these expectations are related to knowledge, skills and attitudes. Nursing students are expected to acquire these skills during nursing school and use them in their professional roles as RNs. This edition covers QSEN qualifications and specific expectations. The content in these QSEN features will guide students to learn and maintain safety and quality in the delivery of nursing care.

  • Culturally responsible care highlights the diversity and special ideas in nursing care.
  • The evidence-based practise focuses on evidence-based practice to highlight relevant research and its implications for nursing care.
  • Home care assessment focuses on educating the client, family and community about what is needed for home care.
  • Home care ideas focus on teaching the client and caregiver proper care at home.
  • Safety warnings relate to national patient safety targets and identify other important safety issues.
  • Latest photo program with over 150 new photos.
  • Clinical reasoning: The practice of nursing requires critical thought and clinical reasoning. Clinical reasoning is the cognitive process a nurse utilizes to gather and analyze client data, evaluate the relevance of the information, and implement nursing interventions to improve the client’s well being.
  • Standards of care: The tenth edition of fundamental of nursing continues to value and update standards of care as evidenced by the latest National Patient Safety Goals, Infusion Nursing Society Standards of Practice, ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, 2014 Hypertension Guidelines; IHI Pressure Ulcer Prevention Guidelines, ANA Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Interprofessional National Standards, OSHA/ CDC BBP and Infection Prevention Standards, and Cancer Screening Guidelines.


Book NameFundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition
Author of BookAudrey Berman, Shirlee Snyder, Geralyn Frandsen
PricePDF free

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Concepts of main Fundamentals of Nursing are discussed in the tenth edition. The practice of nursing continues to evolve the practice of caring is timeless. Nurses today must grow and evolve to meet the demands of a dramatically changing health care system. They need skills in science, technology, communication, and interpersonal relations to be effective members of the collaborative health care team. They need to think critically and be creative in implementing nursing strategies to provide safe and competent nursing care for clients of diverse cultural backgrounds in increasingly varied settings. They need skills in teaching, leading, managing, and the process of change.

They need to be prepared to provide home and community-based nursing care to clients across the life span—especially to the increasing numbers of older adults. They need to understand legal and ethical principles, holistic healing modalities, and complementary therapies. And, they need to continue their unique client advocacy role, which demands a blend of nurturance, sensitivity, caring, empathy, commitment, and skill founded on a broad base of knowledge.

Kozier & Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing, Tenth Edition, addresses the concepts of contemporary professional nursing. These concepts include but are not limited to caring, wellness, health promotion, disease prevention, holistic care, critical thinking and clinical reasoning, multiculturalism, nursing theories, nursing informatics, nursing research, ethics, and advocacy. In this edition, every chapter has been reviewed and revised. The content has been updated to reflect the latest nursing evidence and the increasing emphasis on ageing, wellness, safety, interprofessional practice, and home- and community-based care. It also covers Kozier Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing: concepts, process and practice two-volume set.

Topics of this Edition:

This edition has 10 units which covers all Concepts of the main Fundamentals of Nursing. Detail of each unit is appended below

Unit 1: The Nature of Nursing, Clusters Five chapters that provide comprehensive coverage of introductory concepts of nursing.

Unit 2: Contemporary Healthcare, four chapters cover contemporary healthcare topics such as healthcare systems, community-based care, home care, and informatics.

Unit 3: The Nursing Process, six chapters introduce students to this important framework, with each chapter devoted to a specific stage of the nursing process. Chapter 10 applies to critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and the nursing process. A Nursing in Action Case Study chapter 11 is used as a reference frame for applying the material at all stages of the nursing process. Chapter 12, Evaluation Chapter 13, Planning and Chapter 14, Implementation and Evaluation Chapter 15 covers documentation and reporting. Starting with this unit and included throughout the book, we refer to the Nanda International evaluation.

Unit 4: Health Beliefs and Practices, four chapters cover health beliefs and practices for individuals and families from different cultural backgrounds.

Unit 5: LifeSpan Development consists of five chapters that discuss life span and development from pregnancy to adulthood.

Unit 6: Discussion on topics such as Unit 6, Integral Aspects of Nursing, Care; to teach; And leadership, management, and representation. These topics are all important elements in providing safe, competent nursing care.

Unit 7: Describes health assessment, key symptoms, and health assessment skills in two separate chapters, so beginners can understand common diagnostic techniques and outcomes. Chapter 29, Key Signs, begins to introduce students to the clinical procedures they need to learn to perform.

Unit 8: Client Care’s integral components, the focus shifts to client care components that are universal to all clients, including spaces, safety, hygiene, diagnostic testing, medication, wound care, and peripheral care.

Unit 9: Promoting Mental Health consists of six chapters that cover a wide range of areas that affect one’s health. Sensory perception, self-perception, sexuality, spirituality, stress, and loss are all things that a nurse should consider in order to properly care for a client.

Unit 10: Promoting Physical Health, discusses the different types of physical concepts that provide the foundations of nursing care. These include activity and exercise; sleep; Pain; Nutrition Elimination Oxygenation Circulation And fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance.


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Nursing today is far different from nursing as it was practised years ago, and it is expected to continue changing during the 21st century. To comprehend present-day nursing and at the same time prepare for the future, one must understand not only past events but also contemporary nursing practice and the sociologic and historical factors that affect it.

Nursing has undergone dramatic change in response to societal needs and influences. A look at nursing’s beginnings reveals its continuing struggle for autonomy and professionalization. In recent decades, a renewed interest in nursing history has produced a growing amount of related literature. This section highlights only selected aspects of events that have influenced nursing practice. Recurring themes of women’s roles and status, religious (Christian) values, war, societal attitudes, and visionary nursing leadership have influenced nursing practice in the past. Many of these factors still exert their influence today.

Download Free Kozier & ERB’s Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition in pdf format. we have placed google drive link for the ease of medical students so they can get this free medical e-book easily.

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