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Travel nurses flock to North Carolina throughout all four seasons for the chance to explore this beautiful state and its numerous job opportunities. It all starts by working with a travel nursing agency, finding the right assignment, and getting your RN license set to practice.

Ready to enjoy a mild climate, 300 miles of shoreline, the Appalachian Mountains, rolling hills, friendly people, picturesque towns, and countless natural wonders? From the stunning Outer Banks to the art scene in Asheville, to the variety of amenities in Charlotte, the state beckons visitors to stay awhile and soak in the quality of life.

Whether you already hold a multistate nursing license or need to get your North Carolina nursing license by endorsement, the team at American Mobile is waiting to find you the ideal travel nursing jobs in North Carolina.

How to Apply for Your North Carolina Nursing License

Nurses who do not have an NLC multistate license but hold an active nursing license in another state or U.S. territory can apply for licensure by an endorsement through the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON). First-time licensees would apply for licensure by examination. All license applications, renewals, and verifications take place via the NCBON’s Nurse Gateway portal.

The steps to North Carolina nurse licensure by endorsement:

  • Log in to theNCBON Nurse Gateway;
  • Complete the online application for endorsement and submit the $150 fee;
  • Show evidence of:
  • Completion of an approved nursing education program;
  • Successful completion of NCLEX or SBTPE;
  • Self-certification of mental and physical health;
  • Active license in another jurisdiction;
  • The unencumbered license in all jurisdictions where you hold or have held a license;
  • Explanation and completion of any conditions for disciplinary or legal issues related to your nursing license.
  • Provide fingerprints and the appropriate forms and fees for a criminal background check. Fingerprint cards are sent to out-of-state applicants after their application has been submitted.

It can take four weeks or more to receive your new North Carolina nursing license, but you may be eligible for a temporary nursing license while your application is in process. Talk to a recruiter about your assignment needs.

In fact, the licensing team at American Mobile is available to answer any questions and help you through the application and licensing process.

Is North Carolina a Nursing Compact State?

Yes, North Carolina is a part of theNurse Licensure Compact (NLC). This meaning, if you hold a multistate RN license, issued by your primary state of residency, you are well on your way to working in the Tar Heel State—because you can take travel nursing jobs in North Carolina without the need for additional licensing.

Renew Your North Carolina Nursing License!

The nurse licensure period in North Carolina is two years and will expire on the last day of your birth month. The initial licensure period may be for less than two years in order to place the expiration on the birth month.

Applications for a North Carolina Board of Nursing license renewal should be submitted via the Nurse Gateway portal and be accompanied by the $100 renewal fee. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have met theNCBON Continuing Competence Requirements.

Ready to Embrace North Carolina to the Fullest?

The travel nursing experts at American Mobile can find your ideal travel assignments in North Carolina.

To connect with an experienced recruiter today, simply complete the form on the right of this page.

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