How to Study Nursing in Ireland for International Students (2023)

Studying to get a nursing degree in Ireland is a fantastic opportunity for international students. Firstly, students get the experience of living abroad. This experience is very valuable in the modern world. It speaks of a person’s ability to learn and adapt to the culture of a different country. Many international companies are looking for this ability in potential employees.

Secondly, students learn the basics of a profession that has many benefits. On average, a nurse in Ireland earns over 35,000 euros per year. The salary varies depending on the experience and role a nurse is hired to perform. The location of the healthcare center or hospital s/he works in also influences the salary. In big cities, the level of salaries in the field of nursing is higher than in small towns.

Upon completing a bachelor course in nursing in Ireland, all graduates get the status of a registered nurse. All registered nurses must pay an annual tax to obtain a nursing license. Otherwise, a nurse won’t be able to work legally. As for the studying process, it does not differ much from the same process in European countries. However, there is a set of peculiarities regarding the process of application and certain requirements for foreign students.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Ireland?

Irish Institutions of high education offer degrees not only in general nursing but also in mental health nursing and intellectual disability nursing. More information about these undergraduate educational programs can be found on the official pages of Trinity College Dublin and Limerick University.

As for general nursing training, bachelor’s degree courses are offered by the National University of Ireland, Galway, Trinity College Dublin, Limerick University, and Dublin City University.

After obtaining the status of a registered nurse, graduates can continue studies on a higher level. For example, the University of Limerick has a master’s degree course in nursing.

Cost of Studying Nursing

Certain groups of students have a right to tuition-free studies at some Universities and University Colleges of Ireland. For example, exchange students (that do not have EU citizenship) and participants of the ERASMUS+ program. You can learn more about tuition-free studies on the official page of Limerick University. Trinity College Dublin also offers tuition-free education for students meeting one of the requirements mentioned in the Irish Free Fees Initiative program.

As a rule, all students studying nursing in Ireland need to pay tuition fees. The amount of fees varies because it depends on many factors. For example, campus location and educational program. Some higher education institutions may set different fees for domestic and international students.

International students seeking to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing should be ready to pay around 13,000 – 17,000 euros per academic year. For example, check the Tuition Fee pages of the National University of Ireland, Galway, and Dublin City University. However, there are more expensive courses. For example, the course of the National University of Ireland.

For master’s degree nursing courses higher tuition fees are set. (However, the courses are shorter. As a rule, the courses last 1-2 years). For example, the master’s degree course offered by Limerick University costs around 25,000 euros per academic year.

Education is not the only aspect students will pay for while staying in Ireland. They will also need to cover expenses related to food, apartments, entertainment, and other services. On average, students are recommended to have 1,000 – 1,500 euros for living. Further information about living expenses can be found on the official pages of Dublin City University and the National University of Ireland.

Of course, the sum depends largely on the type of accommodation. In the majority of cases, students chose to live in a shared apartment or small apartment offered by the Student Accommodation Office. The rent for such apartments is rather low.

Requirements to Study Nursing in Ireland

Future students who plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing should have a secondary school education certificate. Besides, knowledge in a set of subjects related to medicine in some way is a must. Three compulsory subjects are biology, physics, and mathematics. Students should also demonstrate knowledge in 2 optional subjects. Further information can be found on the official pages of Limerick University, National University of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, and Dublin City University.

Master’s degree programs have a long list of requirements. The most important of them is practical experience and basic knowledge in the field of nursing. For example, the master’s degree program created by Limerick University is meant for professionals holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Moreover, all applicants should provide a document proving that they are registered nurses.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing in Ireland?

The main language of instruction and teaching in Irish universities is English. Therefore, applicants who are native English speakers do not have to prove that they are fluent in English. In the case of non-native English speakers, a Certificate of Proficiency is required. Most often, students are required to submit either a TOEFL Certificate, IELTS Certificate and or CAE Certificate. These certificates are accepted, for example, by Limerick University and the National University of Ireland.

Some universities may accept certificates of other English Proficiency Tests, like the Duolingo English Test. The certificate is accepted by Dublin City University and the National University of Ireland.

Best Nursing Schools in Ireland

1. National University of Ireland, Galway

The program at this nursing school in Ireland is a 4-year, full-time course. Throughout the first three years of studies, students will be occupied with learning theory. The subjects included in the program allow them to gain knowledge in many aspects related to nursing.

As for practice, future nurses start practicing in the third year of the course. However, at this stage, the practice is not long. Intensive clinical practice is planned for the 4th year of the course. Apart from gaining practical experience at a partner organization, students will also earn money for their job.

2. Trinity College Dublin

The skills developed within the course will allow qualified nurses to successfully adapt to the constantly changing healthcare environment. Apart from theory covering many aspects, students are expected to obtain and adhere to certain values, values essential for any professional nurse. For example, compassion, readiness to provide high-quality medical assistance, and desire to contribute to patients’ wellbeing and quality of life.

3. University of Limerick

  • Nursing Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master

The contemporary system of education at this nursing school in Ireland poses high standards for the training and preparation of future nurses for professional practice. Therefore, all students studying nursing at the University of Limerick should devote time to learning certain aspects of caring, health, wellbeing, psychology, management, and ethics.

Willing candidates can complete a master’s degree course in order to do more research in the selected field. While doing the research, students will also improve their analytical skills and become more confident as nurses.

4. Dublin City University

The final university in our list of best nursing schools in Ireland is Dublin City University. The so-called Placement Practice is one of the biggest advantages of the program. It implies short periods of practice each year of the studies. (In the 4th year, it will be longer). The practice takes place under the guidance of experienced nurses only. Such an approach guarantees smooth and relatively fast adaptation and integration of interns into the real working environment.

I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit theEurope Scholarships Page.

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