The Innocent Girl Found Dead In A Bucket On Her Mom’s Lawn - Case of Bella Fontenelle (2023)


The Innocent Girl Found Dead In A Bucket On Her Mom’s Lawn - Case of Bella Fontenelle

In the quiet suburban neighborhood nestled in the heart of Harahan, Louisiana, a harrowing tragedy unfolded which shattered the tranquility that once graced its streets.

At the heart of this story was Bella Elena Fontenelle, an innocent six-year-old girl whose life was unexpectedly cut short in the most unthinkable way.

In today's video we look at The Innocent Girl Found Dead In A Bucket On Her Mom’s Lawn - Case of Bella Fontenelle

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In the quiet suburban neighborhood nestled in the heart of Harahan, Louisiana, a harrowing tragedy, unfolded which shattered the tranquility that once graced its streets.


The heart of this story was Bella, Elena Fontenelle, an innocent six-year-old girl whose life was unexpectedly cut short in the most unthinkable, way.

The circumstances surrounding her death were as chilling as they were perplexing, being found inside a chlorine drum on her own mother’s, lawn.

As, the investigation, unfolded, a haunting video emerged, which cast suspicion on those closest to the young girl.

This is the horrifying story of Bella, the tragic and unexpected loss of a young life in the most unimaginable of places.

Bella was the youngest child born to Jennifer Zeledon and Michael Fontenelle in 2017.

Despite, their separation.

The loving parents continued to shower Bella with love.

And would take turns to spend time with her.


Dad later entered into a new relationship with Hannah Landon, who’s also known as Bunnak Lim.

Landon and Michael stayed together in a gray, single-story home at the Donelon Drive residence in Harahan, Louisiana., While, Bella and her older sister lived in their dad’s house.

Their biological mother, Jennifer, resided at Sedgefield Drive, less than two blocks away from them.

Landon seemed like a caring stepmother who got along well with the children, especially Bella.

They would often go for walks, ride.

The bike and have fun in the pool.


Enrolled at St.


The Apostle School, Bella was a hardworking student and was always open to new knowledge and experiences.

Her teachers and classmates loved to be around her as she was a joyful girl that always brought smiles to their faces.

Bella’s cheerful.

Demeanor also made her approachable and friendly to everyone around the neighborhood.

Almost like a shining beacon.

It was always a beautiful sight to see Bella having fun with her sister in the driveway.

However, little did anyone expect that Bella’s joyful spirit would now serve as a guiding light in the relentless pursuit of justice and the quest to unravel the chilling circumstances surrounding the little girl’s tragic demise.

It was a typical morning on April 26th, 2023.

When Michael woke up at around 7:30 AM.

Sensing that something was amiss.

He searched his home to find that Landon and Bella were nowhere to be found.

It was unusual for both of them to be out.

This early.

So, the worried dad tried every way to contact Landon, but to no avail.

With, a gripping sense of uneasiness.

He finally decided to contact the police.


Never in his wildest dreams.

Did he expect this phone call would lead to a tragic discovery of the missing girl.

The officers quickly arrived at the family home on Donelon Drive and launched a full-scale missing person investigation around the neighborhood.

It wasn’t long before the investigation led them to Bella's mother, Jennifer’s residence, just around the corner located on Sedgefield Drive.

There, a conspicuous ten-gallon chlorine.

Bucket was suspiciously positioned on the front lawn.


This point, the search was already frantic.

And everyone was just searching in random places.

Leaving, no stone unturned.

There was no way they were going to pass on checking its contents.


Never did they expect the grisly sight of what awaited them inside.

The, grim sight of the missing girl, inside, cold and lifeless, cast a shroud of unspeakable sorrow over the horrific scene.

As soon as Jennifer witnessed what was happening in front of her.

She broke down into tears.

But who could have done this?, And, why?, With, heavy hearts.

The police continued to search for clues and evidence around the area.

They questioned, both of Bella’s biological parents.

But neither believed the other to be responsible for their child’s.

Untimely end.

It was not long after the search that they found chilling footage from a nearby doorbell.


The time was around 9:33 PM, and a woman dressed in a red top and black pants was leisurely strolling down.

The street, a wagon in tow with a plastic chlorine bucket.

Heading towards the direction of Jennifer’s house.

The woman resembled, the stepmother, Landon.


She was pulling the suspicious-looking bucket.

She looked rather calm and nonchalant, making no effort to hide the bucket.

Even when a white minivan drove past her.

It was quickly obvious that the bucket resembled, the one that they had just discovered on Jennifer’s front lawn., Being.

The strongest clue they had in this case.

They set out immediately to look for Landon.

It was an intense search before finally, at around 2:00 PM.

The authorities managed to track her down to a local hospital.

In, a strange twist of events, Landon had earlier handed herself to the police HQ around midnight.


What seemed even more bizarre, was that she was hospitalized after she delivered the bucket to Jennifer.

The officers on duty revealed that at around 12:01 AM, the distressed Landon appeared at the doorstep of the police HQ.

In, her anxious and disoriented state.

She requested immediate medical attention.


She gave no details on what had happened to her.

Worried, the police called an ambulance to transport her to a nearby hospital where she would undergo a thorough evaluation.

Landon was taken into custody by law enforcement after her discharge from the hospital in the afternoon.

Following, a preliminary autopsy, the chilling details of Bella’s cause of death came to the surface.

The results revealed that the girl suffered both manual str*ngulation and blunt force injuries to the head and multiple injuries in the body.

It was unclear whether the injuries were inflicted by hand or with the use of an object.

As all pieces of evidence seemed to point towards her.

The investigators believed that Landon was culpable for the unthinkable.

Things seemed really baffling at this point.

But it led to the revelations of past history between Landon and Jennifer.

The tensions between these two women, stretched back over several years, painting, a backdrop of strained relationships and unresolved conflicts.

In 2021, during a swim meet for Bella.

There was a heated argument between the two women over who would be holding Bella.

Landon was seen holding Bella.

And Jennifer later came over to take her daughter, away.

Refusing to back down, Landon, prevented Bella from going to Jennifer, stating that it was Michael’s custody.



She quickly changed her mind and allowed the mom to hug Bella for just “one minute”.

According to court documents, Landon, claimed that Jennifer threatened and attacked her without provocation.

Jennifer’s sister, Evlyn also joined in the argument by grabbing her shoulders and pulling her hair.

However, for Jennifer and Evlyn.

It was Landon who instigated the catfight.

After, suggesting that Jennifer could only hug Bella for a minute, Landon started to record the incident with her phone.

It appeared to them that Landon was trying to provoke them.

Incensed by Landon’s antics.

They were embroiled in the physical altercation and Jennnifer then called the police.

Michael was on the opposite side of the pool.

When the argument started.

Although, he did not have a full picture of what was going on and was unable to provide a statement on Landon’s account.

He chose to support Landon in this incident.


The police station, Landon was extremely uncooperative before claiming that she was attacked unprovoked.

Following, the conflict, Landon requested a restraining order against Bella's, mother, Jennifer, and Aunt Evlyn as she claimed that she feared for her safety.


The request was declined due to the lack of evidence that she had zero responsibility for the incident.

Several months later.

The two women got into another physical altercation at one of the daughter’s soccer, games.

Again, Landon, claimed to be a victim and alleged that Jennifer made “multiple threats of harm” against her without provocation.

She told the authorities that Jennifer grabbed her wrist while pressing her body close to her and threatened “I will hurt you”.


Then sought legal intervention, again, by requesting a permanent restraining order against Jennifer.

But the request was denied as there was insufficient cause for long-term legal protection.


These conflicts had one thing in common - they had nothing to do with the innocent girl.


This an act of revenge towards Jennifer? Or was her love for Bella so strong that she wanted her all for herself? Following.

Her arrest on April 26th, 2023, Landon was formally charged with first-degree murder and interfering with justice.

She is currently detained at the Jefferson Parish, Correctional Center and in preparation for her defense.

She has filed a motion to gain access to a psychiatrist.

Landon is now being held under s*icide watch due to concerns about her mental well-being and the potential risk.

She may pose to herself.

One may think that perhaps the need for a psychiatrist could be an indication of the weight of guilt or remorse from Landon.


It’s difficult to avoid cynicism as she could also be laying the foundations to potentially try to lighten her sentence.

Especially when considering how high the stakes are in this case, as under Louisiana law, being convicted of first-degree murder carries the potential for the death.


Following, Bella’s, demise, her other aunt, Bianca launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to alleviate the financial burden, faced by the grieving, family.

Bianca, expressed her grief in one of the posts: “The world is so unjust.

You were given to us for six.

Amazing years.

You were beyond perfection.

Your, beautiful, little voice, your funny personality, the way you danced, the way you were so delicate and fragile, your smile, your laugh, the way you expressed yourself.

I can go on and on about how amazing this little soul.

Was.” Everyone was devastated after hearing about the passing of Bella.

Classes were canceled for a few days.

And the pastor of St.

Matthew, the Apostle Church and School organized a prayer service for Bella.

With tears, streaming, down Bella’s classmates and their parents’ faces.

They silently prayed and mourned for the little angel.

No, parent should ever have to bury their own child.


It was heartbreaking to see the mother and father doing just that.

Bella was laid to rest on May 5th, 2023 at the church.

In, honor of Bella’s favorite color.

Everyone wore a small red accessory on that day, in remembrance of this beautiful soul.

The question, remains:, What, further revelations will emerge to bring clarity and justice to this heart-wrenching story? Join, the conversation and share your thoughts on this gripping case, and don’t forget to like and subscribe.


Who is Hannah Landon? ›

Hannah Landon, 43, the girlfriend of Bella's father Michael, is facing first-degree murder charges after video captured Landon hauling a chlorine bucket down the street with Bella's body inside. She then allegedly dropped the bucket off in front of Bella's mother's doorstep. Landon could face the death penalty.

Who is Bella Fontenelle mother? ›

Police in Harahan, Louisiana, found the body of Bella Fontenelle, 6, inside a chlorine drum that was left outside her mother Jennifer Zeledon's home. Bella's father, Michael Fontenelle, reported that both she and his girlfriend had gone missing.

Who is Bella Fontenelle father? ›

Michael Fontenelle is the father of Bella Fontenelle. Tragedy struck their household on April 26 2023, when little Bella was found dead.

What is Hannah Landon's real name? ›

Authorities say Michael Fontenelle's live-in girlfriend, Hannah Bunnak Landon, beat his daughter and strangled her to death Tuesday (April 25) night. The disturbing way in which her body was found the next morning, crammed into a 10-gallon bucket left on her mother's lawn a block away, led Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr.

Is Hannah Landon 43 accused of murdering Bella Fontenelle? ›

The Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office says 43-year-old Hannah Landon beat the little girl in the head and strangled her. The judge found probable cause to continue to hold Landon for first-degree murder in the death of Bella Fontenelle. Fontenelle's body was found in a bucket on the front lawn of her mother's home.

What nationality is the last name Hannah? ›

Hanna or Hannah is an Irish and Scottish surname, ultimately of Irish origin from O'Hannaidh, or descendants of the lowland Clan Hannay.

Where is Hannah Landon from? ›

Hannah Landon, 43, who also goes by Bunnak Lim, lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been accused of murdering Bella, the daughter of her boyfriend Michael.

Who is Bella Duggar? ›

Bella Milagro Duggar (born November 8, 2019) is the daughter of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Duggar.

Where did Bella Fontenelle live? ›

Landon lived with Bella's father and little sister in a small, single-story house on Donelon Drive in Harahan. That's where authorities believe the little girl was killed sometime Tuesday night, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto.

How much did Michael Landon's kids inherit? ›

Michael Landon Jr.

Actor Michael Landon died on July 1, 1991 of pancreatic cancer. He left $8 million to $10 million to each of his nine children, according to People magazine. His namesake, Michael Landon Jr., went on to become a successful producer and director.

Why did they change Landon's character? ›

Indirect complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic were responsible for the mass recasting for After We Fell, changing the characters from the After We Collided cast.

What was Michael Landon's real name? ›

Michael Landon, original name Eugene Maurice Orowitz, (born October 31, 1936, Forest Hills, New York, U.S.—died July 1, 1991, Malibu, California), American television actor, director, and producer who was best known for his work on the series Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie.

Is Michael Landon's son? ›

Who plays Landon on Haves and Have Nots? ›

Landon Payton
Portrayed byKristian Kordula
ResidenceAtlanta, Georgia
4 more rows

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