we need to talk about Temu (2023)


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I think Temu is on a fast track to being the same giant problem Shein is, and I think we should talk about it.

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- Quite a few people have made videos on Temu.

And so I was probably not going to, but then they just keep sending me sponsorship offers.

And so I think this'll stop that.

That's, it, that's.

My intro.

(bubble, popping), Hi, I'm, Amanda, you're, watching Swell, Entertainment., I, don't, like Temu, I, don't, like Shein., I don't, like these mass produced fast fashion companies that have led to an over consumption furthering on TikTok.

Because of the haul culture on TikTok., Haul, sorry., Haul, culture, the culture of hauls.

People like watching hauls.

And, I, admit, I like watching hauls too.

But the problem is, is I feel like when this becomes someone's whole brand, then they constantly feel like, "Okay, I need to keep doing hauls because that's the only content that my audience likes watching," in an effort to keep making hauls.

But also still not go broke.

They turn to companies like Shein and Temu that are cheaper in cost so that they can continue to buy more without going broke themselves.

And then they can kinda keep their profits up.

Because obviously these get views.

These get links.

These get what have you, and you'll get money from that and so you're spending money and then on some instances, they're being gifted stuff, but mostly, a lot of the haul's content, I think they are just buying stuff.


When I talked about the deinfluencing trend on TikTok and people kind of missing the point of no.

The point is that you probably have stuff at home that already works.

You don't have to go out and buy more.

Like oh, just because everyone talked about.

This does not mean that they are lying to you or that they're being paid or what have you.


The deinfluencing trend already right.

Away., Just, went., Goodbye., They were done.


Still emailing me about that.


That video did very good, which is good 'cause I'm.

Glad people responded to it.

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You can go to aura.com/swell, click, the link to my description box or scan the QR code that's been on screen., Again, that's aura.com/swell.

And thank you to Aura for sponsoring.

This video.

Wanted to talk about Temu, like I said in the opening because I'm getting a lot of emails, a lot of emails, and I know, they're, not all real.


Sure a bunch of them are spam because of the rise of Temu content and people buying from Temu and talking about what a great deals there are and look at all these products I can get for 1.25.

Ugh, that that's causing a potential, not just people wanting to get more legitimate reviews from people like me.

Because at the end of the day when I talk about products because of the nature of my content, when I actually do a sponsorship, my ROI for brands is fairly good.

Because you guys know that when I promote a product to you, it's because I like that, product.

For, some people that is they put a premium on that and a brand like Temu that has trying to grow as rapidly as possible.

And at this point in time, they are not at the same output of products or shipping as Shein is.

But they are getting close.


Wanna put it my biases up upfront really quickly when I'm talking about Shein and Temu girlies.

And my issues with them.

One, I'm, not just talking about women for the record.

Anyone who does mass buying hauls, weekly, monthly.

What have you.

I think that is the problem.


You buy one or two items once in a while and you take care of them, and you use them until they're falling apart, or what have you, that's a different thing.

I think because there are times in my life where I had no choice, but to buy from fast fashion companies or ordered from Ali Express throughout when I was broke in high school and college because I couldn't afford anything else.

There are times where that has been my norm, but I also think that because of the over consumption culture that we're in and the trend cycle being almost non-existent.

There isn't, even in a cycle, anymore.

It's, just like what's popular.

This week? Good luck.

Keeping up with it.

Sophia Richie, just had her wedding., "The old money, aesthetic that you guys think she has is stealth.

Wealth.", You think, that's stealth wealth?, They, I'm, sorry, just look up any of the finances from that wedding, any of the finances and tell me again that you think that that's stealth wealth.

I think she was wearing custom Chanel half the time, please, Sophia Richley is a very beautiful.


Her wedding was beautiful.

I've been watching the content, but also I'm, not one of those people who's like.

Oh, my god, she's.

The new IT girl., No, they're, making sure that you know that she's the new IT girl She's doing what Nicola Peltz could not do basically with her wedding.

That's, what she's doing.

It's, very manufactured and it's fine.

If you like it., When, I, see people then being like, when you have to throw out your entire wardrobe because stealth wealth is back in, you're, joking., You've gotta be kidding.

Me., You know, what else is super fun?, Your own identity, and I, get it, sometimes it's hard to find your own identity.

And you like being trendy and on brand or in brands and being able to be recognized that what you're wearing costs more money or what have you.

But, like, I, don't, know., I, don't think that's..

I think that's another end of the spectrum, but I don't think it's helping things as far as like the money side, goes.

All of this is money related because you have these people who can make these rapid financial decisions.

And then that changes the culture for a week.


Then so everyone can try and uphold that culture that trickles down to them.


They go to places like Temu and Shein to mass buy whole wardrobes worth of items to try and match this aesthetic.

That is where I think the issue is in.

Is, the mass buying.

Buying in mass and the massive hauls three times a month.

Temu, like I said, is not at the same level as Shein yet, but it's, getting crazy.


The other day, I'm gonna try and find this video.

Someone was loading up their truck to go do mail deliveries and was showing all of the very obviously Temu bags that were being sorted into just this one area for delivery.


It was easily 20 to 30 bags of Temu because they're very..


This orange bag.

They're, very identifiable., That's, not, it's like Sprite, changing the design of their Sprite bottles because they could easily be identified in pollution.

It's like that's gonna happen here at some point because there's so many of these bags going out.

Same with the Shein bags.

I think it's ridiculous.

I've been getting a lot of emails from Temu, from Temu themselves.

At least people saying they work with Temu, they're part of Temu, they're part of the content, creator team at Temu or outside companies that are saying, "Hey.

We have this Temu sponsorship opening and either they requested to work with you, or we think you're a good fit for this." And I've, gotten dozens of these this year.


I've never responded to any of them.

And normally with brand deals, I forward them to my management to handle because I don't like being a dick.

If I don't have to be one., And that's.

The point of management.

You are taking something off.

My plate.

Hi, David., I, don't forward, these because I have zero desire to work with this company, so I'm, not gonna forward it to them and be like, "Hey look.

This is what I got", which is normally what I do.

It's kind of like a first level, vetting, process., If, anything, I, don't, wanna work with Temu.

I have zero desire to take their money.

I, don't care, how much it is.

I'm, not gonna work with Temu.

However, I think for the purpose of this video, I'm gonna reach out to every single email that they have sent to me.

I'm gonna respond to every single one, with the same template aside from one.

One that I just got this literally this morning as I was getting ready to film, this.

I got another one from a different company.

And this is where I get concerned because this is giving me Halara.


You guys, remember Halara?, I did a video on them.

Last year., They were doing what I.

Now believe was a lot of user-generated content on TikTok, where people would be paid a certain amount of money to film, what looked like legitimate reviews.

And then those would be used in ads for Halara and I ordered.

A bunch of the stuff, did a review with that whole thing.

I will link that somewhere and I'm, assuming that that's what they want to do.

Maybe, because in the email that I got this morning.

This is from an outside company and also I'm, assuming I'm not supposed to talk about this, publicly 'cause.

Normally, I'm not, but I'm, not telling you the name.

So they don't get to say, anything., It's, kind of like the Streisand effect.


You come after me, they'll know who you are.

You, know?, It's, one of those things.

May include, but not limited to hauls, unboxing, decorating your home and more.


This is the one email.

And if any of the other emails mentioned, this as while, I will also be making the stipulation.

So, all of the emails that I'm going to be sending are going to have this.

This is not my current rate and I.

Wanna make that very clear.

I'm, not telling you what my current rate is but, "Hi.

Thank you so much for reaching out.

I only do integrations for sponsorships, which is true.

And my current rate is $5,000." It is not, but it's.

What I'm telling you.

"Would love to hear more about this collaboration and about Temu.

Have, a great day, Amanda, Golka, Swell, Entertainment., Cut and dry simple.


It open for them.


This particular email, response.

I'm gonna make a note because here they have usage.

And this is my issue with any social media, brand dealer, what have you, usage in perpetuity or past the video that I am posting.


They just re-share the video itself., Like, "Hey, Swell, Entertainment made a video and talked about us, check.

It out.

One of our brand people shared this video".

What have you.

That's? One thing., If, the video in its entirety is being re-shared for whatever reason, that is one thing and I mean, re-shared from my personal page, it's, not them, re-uploading, it., That, thing.


They want to take that clip of me doing the brand deal and use it for something else, whether temporarily or in perpetuity, I charge more for that.


You should too.


You are doing a brand deal for the record because that's your face.

"Clients and blank will have digital usage rights for one year with attribution.

Usage allows client to favorably post, repost or use content in an ad with attribution." No, not without more money.

So I will say that the..

I will add a note for this one.

"For, the usage rights.

What do you mean by this? I, usually charge more for that.", Now, I know what you're thinking, "Amanda, are you allowed to do this?"? Probably, not.


The way I see it is I'm, not telling you the people, obviously I'm talking to Temu, some of them.

But some of them are not.

We're, just gonna search Temu in my inbox and see what comes up.

I'm just gonna start replying to these.


This is the first one from January 2nd.

They started off early., Reply., Now, there's, a likelihood that I will not get responses to this.

While I am filming and that is okay.

Some of these are repeats, different people, but same bold, email.

These people can't all be from Temu.

There's like no way.


These people all actually be from Temu when they'll be like.

Why are we all getting emails from Swell Entertainment? Right? Now?, So I sent how many? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 11 emails to various people, apparently either representing Temu or associated with Temu.



Talk more about Temu.

This is from CNN.


This is written by Michelle Toh and Nathaniel Meyersohn.

This was actually posted just a couple of days.


Too, good to be true as Shein and Temu.

Take off.

So does the scrutiny.

Temu and Shein are taking off in the United States topping app stores and creating a frenzy with consumers.

But as the two online shopping platforms become hugely popular, they're also facing questions over a litany of issues, including how they're able to sell goods at such strikingly, low prices, how transparent they are with the public and how much environmental waste their business generates.

Some of those questions are unique to the two companies.

Longtime, fast fashion, producers like Zara and H&M have faced similar concerns.

But in recent weeks, Temu and Shein have faced greater scrutiny over their ties to China, the country where their business originated from and where they continued to rely on manufacturers.

Shein was started in China.

While Temu was launched by a Chinese company that now builds itself as a multinational firm.

They're based in Singapore and Boston respectively.

Temu, which runs a marketplace for virtually everything from home goods to apparel to electronics, was launched by BDD holdings, BDD.

Last year.

It has quickly become the most downloaded app in the United States and continues to expand its user.

Base.", So, sustainability, question.

This is further down in the article.

"The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

According to the United Nations environment, program, around 85% of closing ends up in landfills or is burned.

Experts say, the problem is even worse with fast fashion defined as the rapid design and production of cheap and low quality goods that respond to fleeting.

Trends., Like, I, said.

The trend cycle is getting almost nonexistent with how fast it is going.

It's, something as simple, I believe as it was either Fashion Nova or Shein, I believe, where Kim Kardashian posted a dress that she was wearing to I believe a red carpet event.

And within 12 hours Shein had photos of a copy or I, believe, I, wanna say, Fashion, Nova., I, don't think it was Shein actually, I think it was Fashion Nova.

But that is what I'm talking about, about how rapid some of this fast fashion is happening.

"These are 'disposable fashion.

Companies'., Said, Maxine, Bedat, founder of the New Standard Institute.


The crux of what they are.

This stuff is not meant to last in your wardrobe., Their business, wouldn't function.

If it did." That's like I said, originally., I'm, not talking to people who are buying a Shein item once in a while and take care of it and try to make it last., For, Shein and Temu.

You were not their target demographic.

They want you to keep buying.

Same way on the other end of the spectrum, there's, a major high luxury store, brand chain who are trying to prevent people who make maybe one purchase a year and they're sitting there looking at their top clientele, where 20% of their business comes from them who buy constantly.

And that is the same thing.

But for fast fashion.

They are banking on you constantly trying to keep up with trends.

"Shein argues that its business model enables it to reduce waste and overprotection by producing small batches and only responding with larger production.

If demand is shown, the company has set a goal of reducing emissions by 25% by 2030, based on 2021 figures.

Temu, which markets itself more as a general store than a fashion.


Also set its model, limits, unsold, inventory and waste by better matching demand with supply.

The company told CNN it offsets emissions for every order with carbon credits, which support wildlife conservation efforts in the United States, though it did not provide details." That seems to keep happening.


We offset by planting trees, Where? What, company?, Who, when?, All.

The established title peoples got in trouble for this just now.

A little while ago, by the way, I, don't know, if I told you guys I was this close to doing a sponsorship with them.

But at least they were able to provide proof that the trees were being planted.

This does Temu plant.


Let's see, is Temu eco-friendly? That's from gosh, right? Now.

"Affordable, shopping app that pioneered the NextGen manufacturing model has quickly gained popularity for its wide variety of products and competitive pricing.


Many consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases and wonder if TEMU is an eco-friendly choice.


This article, we'll exploit Temu's, multi-pronged approaches.

Sustainability focusing on three key areas, offsetting, carbon emissions, implementing, the Next-Gen manufacturing model, promoting mindful consumption.

Temu's approach to carbon footprint reduction involves implementing a carbon offset program that counterbalances emissions from its operations.

Key actions taken by Temu include purchasing carbon credits that fund various sustainability initiatives such as wildlife conservation efforts and preserving natural habitats for improved air quality and carbon absorption.

Ensuring verifiable emissions reductions through the carbon credits, which prevent or absorb emissions that would otherwise enter the atmosphere.

Continually investing in solutions that align with core values and contribute to a sustainable future.

While carbon offsets.

Help mitigate the effects of trading commerce, Temu goes further by address in the problematic source.

Instead of only offsetting emissions that have already been generated.

Temu aims to reduce emissions by enhancing manufacturing retail.


So, apparently Temu has perfected.

The Next-Gen manufacturing model., End-to-end, optimizations, deliver 50%, total cost savings versus conventional methods.

Better ending, saving consumers, 10% accurate sales, predictions, 5% efficient, inventory, management, 10%, less, marketing, more savings, 20%, nimble logistics, faster, delivery, 5%., Isn't.

This just all business Next.

Gen manufacturing model., Go, kick rocks., See I, get the claims.

You can claim anything.


They started in September '22, they're, making all these claims.

The fact that they're rising and growing this much this fast is the concern for me.


Also the "Mindful consumption".


They though? I'll link.

Both of these articles down below because this one I do think is interesting.

Who is asking for proof of this? Oh, we're doing this.


Where are these verifiable credits that you're talking about, we're back to the CNN business article now.

They're saying, that, "Temu did not provide details about what they're talking about., Researchers, studies textile waste and sustainability and global supply chains say, the companies need to go further.

Shein, for example, often uses low-cost fabrics that are hard to recycle compared with other fashion.


The company has a much lower percentage of products that mention using sustainable or recycled textile.

Materials, said, Lu." rights concerns about worker, concerns.

"In, February, a bipartisan group of US senators wrote to Shein pressing the company on its supply chain practices and calling for greater transparency in the supply chain.

We are concerned that American.

Consumers may be inadvertently purchasing apparel made in part with cotton.

Grown, picked, and processed using forced labor.

The inquiry was made following a Bloomberg report showing lab testing on two occasions, last year., Found that garments, shipped to the United States by Shein were made with cotton from Xinjiang.

I think that's how you say it.

Washington has banned all imports from the Chinese region over concerns of forced labor.

"In, a statement to CNN, Shein said.

It was committed to respecting human rights and adhering to laws and regulations in the country where it operates.

Spokesperson and said, the company had zero tolerance for forced labor and worked with third parties to audit supplier.


Temu has not faced such questions, though its sister company received backlash in 2021 over allegations that it overworked.

Its staff.

Pinduoduo said at the time that it would provide counseling following the suicide of a worker.


This is particularly about Shein.


This has not happened.

With, I, don't know, if it will, but with Shein, there was a time last year, I believe, and a little bit the year before where people were going and looking at their Shein garments and saw on the tag that instead of just saying like their washing instructions, it would say, "Please help" or "Help, me", things like that.


The belief was that these were people from the Shein production lines.

And what have you asking for help.

This is from last July from Ashley Gale on Newsweek.

"Shein speaks out on TikTok videos.

Claiming employees wrote help on tags.

After many videos, went viral on social media, claiming that Shein employees wrote help on the tags of certain clothes.

The company has debunked.

The claim.

Shein has released a video on TikTok claiming that conspiracy theories are false.


There has been some confusion about some of our product labels.

Our intention was to remind customers to help soften this fabric by using a softener when washing the garment for the first time.

The fabric is digitally printed, a process, which reduces the use of water as opposed to traditional water, intensive textile.


The company took note.

There was a misunderstanding as the labels wording sounded alarming.' Despite.

The statement, many commenters still don't believe, the company.

One TikTok user, included., 'so, wouldn't.

It be on all of your labels?.

My sister bought two of the same shirt at the same time.

But in different colors.

One has "Need your help" on the tag.

And the other doesn't.' One wrote, 'I have been shopping from Shein for years.

And none of my clothes say anything to do with help'." What I think is kind of being glossed over is that working for next to no money for hours at a time in poor conditions is also bad.

Even if it doesn't directly fall under forced labor., And there's, a variety of reasons of why someone would stay in a job that they were unsafe in, that they were not getting paid enough in because they think they don't have any other options, or they feel their safeties in jeopardy.

Whether it's, specifically stated or not.

So I just show the working condition.


The easiest thing you can do.

So, let's, pull up Temu, right? Now.


We have a variety of products and all of that.

And again, the items here for Temu, specifically are much less fashion.

It's, a much more variety site than say, Shein, which definitely prioritizes women's fashion and fashion in general.

I get it.


You want to have nice things.

But when you look at a lot of these listings, they don't look nice.

A lot of these platforms steal photos from Instagram, photographers, other small businesses and just kind of change one color, or what have you of a garment and put it up there and claim it as their own.

Do, DMCA, takedowns work when things like that.

Because, if I ever see my photo anywhere and they're like using my photo for something, that's.

The first thing I'm, doing., 1.97 for hair, curly stuff.

1.27 for a scalp massager, laser pointers for a $1.47.

And, I know, I'm taking a risk as making this video, because there are topics that I want to talk about, but I, don't, there's, certain people that I wanna cover videos on and talk about them.

And it doesn't matter how much I explain that they are wrong.

They are bigoted.

They are homophobic, misogynistic.

What have you.

There will be a fraction of you that will look at their videos that I use as examples to show what a piece of shit.

They are.

There's, a fraction of you at least 10,000 of those viewers that will see them and be like, wait a minute, I've, never seen this person before, but they have good points.

It, doesn't matter what I say.


They will ignore that and see this person saying that or what have you, and go and start following them.

I wanted to expose this person for being a bad person.

But I have instead basically made them a new fan and inadvertently essentially radicalized someone towards that bad person.


There are times where I have to make the decision to say, okay, it's better for me to not speak about this on this particular platform and I speak about them on other platforms.

That being said.

Andrew, Tate can go himself.

But in saying, that.

I also know that while I'm talking about Temu, there are some of you who have probably never heard of Temu and you're going to be incentivized to go and check them out because I'm talking about prices and you're, like, "Oh, my gosh, that's so low".

And that is the risk that I am taking with talking about this.

But I want to encourage you all to know that the likelihood that someone disenfranchised, someone who is unable to stand up for themselves, unable to advocate for themselves, is suffering in the making of these products.

The fact that one is saying that it's Boston founded based in Boston, the other one saying it's based in Shanghai, until I see actual footage of one product going from one side of the assembly line to the other, I don't, buy anything.

They tell us about their practices as far as we don't use, forced labor., We, don't do X, Y, and Z.


Do it all here.? We use small, manufacturers., I, don't, buy it., I, don't, believe, you., I, don't, believe you until we see proof of it.

I would like to hope that you all know better than a $1.97 for curling stuff that you can find at Target or a Walmart for cheaper., I know, that's saying there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

And someone suffered somewhere for everything.

Someone is suffering, always for something.


There are choices that you can make that are not this.

Cutting off Temu at the knees and not making them the most downloadable app.

Not buying in mass from them is the best thing that we can do.

But also everything that like this.

This little cross necklace that I'm looking at here, "Vintage cross necklace, new design, blackchain, pendant, necklace.", You can find that literally anywhere, literally, anywhere., Something, doesn't just have to be a counterfeit or a knockoff to be harmful.

Hopefully by the time I go to edit this video.

There will actually be responses to my emails.

But I'm.

Assuming that amount that I put in there will lead to nothing, especially since Temu.

Interesting, considering you're saying that you're, not focusing on marketing because you're focusing on instead of production, costs.

So, you don't have to worry about a marketing budget.

Some of these people are from your marketing team.

So I, don't know how true that is.

So of the 12 or so emails I sent out, I got two replies.

They were so excited to hear back from me that they're worried about the rate because it's the first integration and they wanted instead of a 60 second integration, a three minute integration at $3,000.


Second reply, also, let me know that the price was out of their budget at this time with a crying emoji and cut it down to 3,500.


Both replies also mentioned that I could receive free product.

And that they'd worked with numerous other YouTubers previously.

To say that you have this great manufacturing process when you have this many listings is like they must think we're.


That just must be it for you to say, that, "Oh, no, we're, keeping production actually low because of this, because we're, actually looking at market demand., You can't, tell me that they're the same amount of people Want basic non-descript rubber slides as want handfuls of makeup brushes as want faux star, Nashville, stone, necklaces, as wants lipstick, as wants scrunchy hair.


You can't, tell me that's the same amount of products and people that want all of that.

That's ridiculous.

That's going to be it.


You heard of Temu? Have you bought from Temu? What.

Did you think of your experience buying from Temu? Has? This affected your opinion of Temu whatsoever? Let me, know.

Comment down, below., Reminder, I have a podcast.

The Swell Shenanigans podcast., Reminder, I have merch.

As for my patrons.

Thank you so much for on Patreon.


You also support my Patreon gonna be listed down below.

Thanks for following me on social media.

It'll be up here and that's gonna be have a good day., Goodbye., (upbeat, music), I'm, still floored by them claiming that like they have this great new manufacturing process and it's like this stuff is stuff that I've been seeing on Ali Express since high school.


You Andrew, Allen, Awful., BJ, Cameron., Christopher, Chris., Chris, B., Chris, B., Crash, China, Dirty.

When Don.

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Temu keeps its products affordable by connecting customers directly to suppliers, while Temu handles the shipping of items to customers.

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Temu, which means “Team Up, Price Down,” garnered a lot of attention in the US after its first Super Bowl advertisement in February, attracting new customers and further establishing its presence in the e-commerce industry. Is Temu owned by Shein? No, Temu and Shein are two unrelated platforms.

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Temu is gradually becoming one of Shein's biggest competitors, with lower prices and a wider range of products besides fashion and beauty. They have almost the same shipping and delivery time and fee. Shein is slightly more expensive than Temu but offers more variety for clothing and accessories.

Does Temu track you? ›

Temu is a communist China based app and site. Temu monitors your activity on other apps, tracks your notifications, locations, and can potentially change the settings on your phone.

Why does Temu give free stuff? ›

How are people getting stuff for free on Temu? While Temu's prices are cheap, many new customers actually aren't paying anything at all. That's because Temu has launched a campaign on social media in which the more you convince others to sign up, the more credit you earn.

Is the 7 dollar switch on Temu legit? ›

Many users have reported successfully purchasing the Nintendo Switch console for $7 through Temu, sharing their excitement and even providing evidence of the arrival of their consoles. According to these users, the consoles function as expected, providing an authentic gaming experience.

Is Temu good quality? ›

Temu currently has a C rating on the BBB, and an average customer rating of 1.4 stars out of 5, albeit from only 20 reviews. (Complaints are separate from reviews, which do not factor into BBB's official rating.)

How does Temu make a profit? ›

Temu makes money by taking a percentage cut from the purchases made via its platform. That commission is paid by the merchants who sell on Temu. In that regard, Temu operates similarly to traditional online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, which both charge fees in the high single or low double digits.

Why is Temu under investigation? ›

In conclusion, the investigation by the U.S. House Select Committee on Strategic Competition has revealed that fast fashion giants Temu and Shein have avoided paying import tariffs and providing detailed customs data through their shipping practices.

Is Temu a wholesale site? ›

Temu is combining the convenience of retail shopping with the accessibility of wholesale prices with its platform. Consumers are able to buy at wholesale prices anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity.

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