Zoey Barkow (2023)

Zoey Barkow (born November 19, 1986) joined All Saints as an earnest and eager student nurse from Queens Community College. Zoey is introduced early in Season One, where she shadows long-time super-nurse Jackie Peyton, whom Zoey idolizes. Under Jackie's tutelage, Zoey quickly develops her nursing skills and comes into her own as a nurse. Zoey is eventually promoted to Head of Nursing in the ER and pursues a Master's degree with a goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.


Zoey eventually starts dating an EMT named Lenny. After he proposes, she loses the ring that Dr. Cooper finds and returns to an elated Zoey. When Coops places the ring back on her finger, she realizes it didn't feel right when Lenny proposed and subsequently, breaks off their engagement. Later in the series, she develops a relationship with Dr Ike Prentiss. Zoey also befriends Jackie's eldest daughter, Grace, to help Grace manage her resentment towards her mother because Grace believes the focus remains too much on Jackie and her ongoing attempts at recovery.


Zoey Barkow is a young, inexperienced nurse at the beginning of the series. She is playful, often to the irritation of her more seasoned colleagues. Zoey tends to sport more colourful, animal-themed scrubs to emphasize her personality which can at times, land her in trouble. Additionally, Jackie often treats Zoey with disdain which gradually softens as Jackie learns to be more accepting of Zoey's friendly if not zany personality, most likely as a result of Jackie's own need to deal with her addiction. From the outset, Jackie trains Zoey as a nurse and despite Jackie's acerbic if not overly demanding nature, Zoey responds to Jackie's authority and finds she wants to imitate her mentor. When Jackie's husband, Kevin, moves out as a result of marital problems, Jackie offers Zoey housing and they become roommates (Season 4).


Who does Zoey end up with on Nurse Jackie? ›

Later in the series, she develops a relationship with Dr Ike Prentiss. Zoey also befriends Jackie's eldest daughter, Grace, to help Grace manage her resentment towards her mother because Grace believes the focus remains too much on Jackie and her ongoing attempts at recovery.

How old is Merritt Wever? ›

Who played Nurse Jackie's daughters? ›

Ruby Jerins is an American actress best known for playing Grace Peyton for seven seasons in the comedy-drama series Nurse Jackie. She started out playing guest star parts on NBC's Law & Order: SVU and Kidnapped, and then was a recurring character in the ABC series Six Degrees.

Is Nurse Jackie coming back? ›

Showtime recently announced that it plans to bring back “Nurse Jackie,” along with lead Edie Falco — after the writers' strike, of course. It's no biggie at this point in our cultural obsession with reboots.

Why did Nurse Jackie end that way? ›

He says Jackie's most recent relapse was "part of the reason for ending the show now. "How many more times can we do what we call 'the up-and-back?' " he says. "For several episodes she's sober.

Does Zoey quit Cal U? ›

She quits Cal U after she realizes doing both school and styling was too much on her plate. Zoey is doing well in her styling career, with two famous clients and even scores her first music video shoot. Zoey falls in love with Aaron during the later half of the season but he already has a girlfriend.

How old is Edie Falco in The Sopranos? ›

What movies has Merritt Wever been in? ›

How old is Sigorny Weaver? ›

What happened to Gloria Nurse Jackie? ›

After being stripped of her duties when All Saints was bought out, she has recently been reinstated. She's been at All Saints for over 30 years.

Did they change Fiona in Nurse Jackie? ›

In 2009, she played the role of Fiona Peyton in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie with Edie Falco, Peter Facinelli, Dominic Fumusa and Betty Gilpin, until she was replaced by actress Mackenzie Aladjem.

What happened to Jackie's mother? ›

After a two-year absence, the Roseanne spinoff welcomed back Estelle Parsons as Jackie's mother Bev, who was now suffering from dementia. Jackie initially convinced herself that Mom was faking it, but the reality of her Alzheimer's set in when the 94-year-old inquired about Roseanne.

What is Nurse Jackie's real name? ›

Set in New York City, the series follows Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco), a drug-addicted emergency department nurse at the fictional All Saints' Hospital.

Who is Nurse Jackie married to? ›

Jacqueline Peyton was an emergency room nurse at All Saints Hospital in New York City. It was revealed early in the series that Jackie has been battling a prescription drug problem and has been having an affair on her husband Kevin Peyton with the hospital pharmacist Eddie Walzer.

Is Nurse Jackie realistic? ›

Once a nurse, always a nurse. However, the show was also true to life in its depiction of the ugliest consequences of addiction. In her personal life, Jackie's use contributes to the end of her marriage, a fractured relationship with her daughters, and even the termination of her custody rights.

Does Nurse Jackie ever get clean? ›

"I'm clean today because of you," Jackie tells Zoey, who once believed her every word, but has been burned one too many times. "I went through detox."

What happened to Cruz on Nurse Jackie? ›

Charlie went to rehab a total of 5 times before his death but always relapsed. He died at the age of 18. Jackie often called Charlie in times of distress to lean on him, after his death she continued to call and leave voice messages, even though she knew he was dead.

What should I watch after Nurse Jackie? ›

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Why did Zoey get cut off? ›

Zoey doesn't realize how dependent she is on her parents until season 2, episode 11 when her dad cuts her off after finding out that she cheated on her chemistry final and was placed on academic probation.

Do Zoey and Aaron get married? ›

Zoey and Aaron make up and decide to undo their marriage, which they came to realize wasn't legal anyway. Back at home, they continue to be in a healthy and solid relationship that involves supporting one another.

Do Aaron and Zoey end up together? ›

In the end, Aaron came and surprised Zoey in her city, uniting the lovebirds. Meanwhile, all the other characters are shown to move on with their lives.

Who is the youngest Sopranos? ›

Biography. Barbara is the youngest child of Johnny and Livia Soprano, and sister of Tony and Janice Soprano. She is seen infrequently, usually only visiting her siblings for family functions, weddings or funerals.

How much older is Silvio than Tony Soprano? ›

As early as 1967, Silvio was already a respected mobster and soldier in the Johnny Soprano crew of the DiMeo Crime family, making him at least ten years older than Tony Soprano. He is seen cooking the books and counting money at Satriale's Pork Store.

What happened to Tony Soprano's son? ›

After the conclusion of The Sopranos in 2007, Iler largely retired from acting, instead moving to Las Vegas to pursue a career as a professional poker player, where he participated in both official and unsanctioned games.

Who is Aubrey on The Good Wife? ›

Merritt Wever: Aubrey Gardner.

Who plays Elizabeth on the new girl? ›

New Girl (TV Series 2011–2018) - Merritt Wever as Elizabeth - IMDb.

What happened to Denise Walking Dead? ›

Denise is the first character in the Survivors to be killed directly by the Saviors. Denise is the last named resident of Alexandria to die in Season 6. Denise is the first named character directly killed by Dwight in the TV Series, albeit accidentally.

How old is Angela Basset? ›

How old is Jamoe Fox? ›

Earlier this month, Foxx posted his first public statement on Instagram. "Appreciate all the love. Feeling blessed," the 55-year-old wrote. The star received an outpouring of support in the comments of his post.

How old is Melanie Griffith? ›

What race is Anna Deavere Smith? ›

Smith was born in 1950 into an African-American family in Baltimore, Maryland, the daughter of Anna Rosalind (née Young), an elementary school principal, and Deaver Young Smith Jr., a coffee merchant.

Did Nurse Jackie overdose at the end? ›

With Edie Falco set to return as Jackie Peyton in the Nurse Jackie revival, it almost automatically brings the explosive series finale into question, as we left things off with Jackie overdosing on the floor of All Saints' Hospital.

Where did Anna Deavere Smith go to college? ›

Smith was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1950. She studied English Literature at Beaver College (now Arcadia University), earning a B.A in 1971. She received an M.F.A. in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California in 1977.

What happened with Joe and Nurse Fiona? ›

Joe got angry at him for what he did and angry at Nurse Fiona for staying with him and told her he would never stop hurting her no matter if he apologized. She pushes him away after he said this to her and they lose the connection they had which was not easy for Joe.

Does Jackie relapse in season 5? ›

"Nurse Jackie" finished off a wildly uneven Season 5 with an inevitable ending: Jackie fell off the wagon and started using again, at the exact time her friends and family were celebrating her year of sobriety.

Who are the guest stars on Nurse Jackie? ›

Armstrong plays a stranger whom Jackie meets that causes a major change in her life. As previously reported, the fourth season of “Nurse Jackie” will also include guest appearances from Rosie Perez (Close Up Space, The Ritz), Aida Turturro (Chicago) and Tony winner Joel Grey (Cabaret, Anything Goes).

What happened to Jackie's son Andy? ›

President & Editorial Director. Conners fans on perpetual lookout for Jackie's absentee son can call off their search. Showrunner Bruce Helford tells TVLine that the character of Andy has not made an appearance on the Roseanne spinoff because, well, he doesn't actually exist.

When did Jackie get pregnant? ›

In season 6, Jackie becomes pregnant. Laurie Metcalf was actually pregnant in real life with her and Roth's son. In the end credits of "Labor Day", there are pictures of Metcalf in the hospital with her new son Will.

What happened to Bev on The Conners? ›

The Season was later revealed to be a book written by Roseanne and that Beverly wasn't actually a lesbian. Twenty-One years later, she has since been put into a retirement home where she begins a rather intimate relationship with a man named Lou.

Who is God in Nurse Jackie? ›

"Nurse Jackie" Play Me (TV Episode 2011) - Michael Buscemi as God - IMDb.

Does Nurse Jackie's husband find out about Eddie? ›

Jackie kicked him out, on the unspoken premise that her affair has been meaningless, so it doesn't count, while he may have felt some actual attachment. In fact, Jackie's affair was one of the things Kevin did not uncover, even though the other party was his pal Eddie (Paul Schulze), the hospital pharmacist.

How much does Edie Falco make per episode? ›

Salary. While Falco's salary fluctuated over the many seasons of "Nurse Jackie," she was at one point earning a peak amount of $175,000 per episode.

How many kids does Dr Jackie have? ›

The Married to Medicine OBGYN discusses her decision to not start a family. Does Dr. Jackie Regret Not Having Children?

Did Dr Jackie stay with her husband? ›

The Married to Medicine OB-GYN filed for divorce three days after she found out about her husband's infidelity in 2017. "I think a lot of us as humans will react and not necessarily respond, so I never thought it through," Dr. Jackie shared. "I was devastated.

What does Dr Jackie do for a living? ›

Jacqueline Walters, born on July 27, 1958, also known as Dr. Jackie Walters, is an obstetrician-gynecologist currently working in Atlanta, Georgia. She is married to former N.B.A. star Curtis Berry.

What drugs was Nurse Jackie on? ›

First, she is smarter than most of the doctors. And second, "a little oxy," as Falco refers to the opiate painkiller Oxycontin, which she uses, along with Vicodin and Percocet, to help her stay alert and manage her emotions through the harrowing days in the emergency room.

What are the blue pills Nurse Jackie takes? ›

By the end of season three I was oh so sick of seeing all of those oval blue pills, supposedly the Oxycontin prescription pain killers the fictional character of 'All Saints Hospital' ER Nurse Jackie (played by Edie Falco) was hooked on.

Was Nurse Jackie filmed in a real hospital? ›

Although the hospital set was located in a studio in Queens, exteriors were scattered throughout the city, at places like Bellevue in Kips Bay and John Jay College in Hell's Kitchen. "I always felt weird making a TV show where [real] people were coming in with legs falling off," says Falco.

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